OK, so usually I use this site to post nontechnical (and nonpolitical stuff), but since my professional time has for many years been spent living and breathing R and RStudio, I wanted to explore the ability of directly uploading blog posts to a wordpress site. Since this is, at least in part, a “sandbox” site, I figured that it would be a good place to try directly compiling (or knitting) and posting an “Rmarkdown” document to WordPress. For those who wish to emulate it, see This blog post for brief instructions. One confusing point (at least for me) – when setting the options for your site

  1. where it says c(user=“password:), 'user' is your username (not in quotes), and your password should be in quotes.
  2. For the url, adding /xmlrpc.php to the end of your standard one is essential.

Otherwise, it should work. This post was generated by that means, as very likely will be posts in the future.